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Subject: The family Experience This story contains explicit material and graphic descriptions.
If you are under 18 or are easily offended by this sort of material,
please exit the site now. Blah Blah Blah, don't copy the story, it's mine
and just remember that you've been forewarned, and if you get offended
after reading this, well, nobody MADE you read it, so don't complain,
ENJOY! :) The Family Experience
By: Chiana Villavazo With a mirror, clutched in her sweaty, left palm and a small
tube of baby oil gel in her right, Jane set off down the hallway,
making sure to check that papa and mama were safely in the living room,
reading the paper. She tiptoed into her room, and gently shut the door
crossing over to her big fluffy bed. Sex. Everybody talks about how
great it is, well Jane was determined to find out. She slid of her top,
and her 32 Bs dangled out, as her other hand found a way to remove her
little trousers, revealing long, milky pale legs. models of preteen lolitas She crawled up onto
her bed, her back arching up against the pillow, her fingers needling
at her panties, attempting to slide them off. She wriggled around a
little bit before the panties slid down, and she lifted a foot, so the
wad rested on one of her thin ankles. Then she stopped.
"What do I do now"
Her mind echoed, her brow furrowing in thought. And it clicked like that!
"Let your body lead, what does it want!"
She lifted her hands up slowly, and rested each one on a breast. Jane
mediately began to knead them, her small hands grasping the thick hunks
of flesh, pulling and tugging lightly, her nipples become bullet hard.
And then her nails found her hard nips, and they began to tickle and
stroke, twirling lightly around the pinkness, her breath becoming
shallow. Her legs clamped shut, and her sex became wet, it became hot,
her body called to Jane for attention. And as one of her hands kept up
with her breasts, the other rolled down her smooth body, to the small
triangular patch of hair that rested between her tiny legs. A finger
ventured out to explore the young, soft curls of black hair, aroused
wetness clung to the black mass, and her legs sprung apart to her touch.
A soft, young moan escaped her quivering lips, and the finger began to
crawl farther downwards, brushing against her swollen clit
She cried as her finger began to rub it rapidly, her noises increasing in
volume. Her wet sex began to jolt as her sweaty back arched. And then she
froze, the creak of the door was heard, along with a gasp from her father
and a scream from her mama. Her finger ceased, and her brown orbs began
to fill with tears of humiliation.
"tsk tsk tsk"
She heard her father mumble, her mama's foot could be her wrapping at the
floor. Her head ever so slowly turned to face her parents, her eyes
darting sheepishly from face to face.
" ...So sorry" Jane mumbled under her frightened breath. Small beads of
tears began to roll down her flushed cheeks.
"Well.." Her papa began.
"Honey, you're doing all wrong!" mama protested, an impatient hand
slapped to her hip. It took a minute for these words to seep in. Her mind
bounced from thought to thought.
" What.."
She finally announced in confusion, looking back up to her parents.
" Let us help you, dear"
It seemed odd to Jane, models of preteen lolitas
but fun at the same time so she nodded in
agreement, waiting to see what would happen. Hand in hand mother and
father weaved their way lolita child nude moderls through the clothes carelessly tossed on the
ground, and over to Jane's bed. Papa began to wet his index finger, and
mama's long, skinny hands reached at her breasts, grasping each one
lightly. Papa eyed the patch of hair, and Jane nodded, writhing a little,
her legs slowly parted. His moist finger gently began to stroke Jane's
wettening cunt, And mother gently began to tease Jane's nipples, giving
them quick, soft pinches. Jane had been trying to hold them back, but
moans and screams erupted from the young girl, her legs trying to spread
even more, as her finger found a way to her clit, and she violently began
to rub it.
" Oh gawd, mama, daddy oh my flipping lord!"
She called out in excitement, her hair flitting about a tossing head.
Papa slowly stopped, and poked the head of his finger into her wet slit,
a low throated moan began to escape her innocent lips. Her twisted it
into the tight cunt, and then a pop was heard, blood began to stroll out
of the opening, but papa kept on going, slowly moving his finger in and
out. Her hips bucked against his finger, her screams escalating in size.
His fingers' pace quickened, her tight cunny juicing up with pleasure.
And then, it happened, Jane could feel a fire run through her pulse, her
legs and puss squeezed around papas arm, and she flew back into the
pillow. Mama and papa simply, stood up and left. Jane non nude lolitas links was so surprised,
it took about five minutes to regain her energy, before she could recall
the moment, The Family Experience. By: Chiana Villavazo
Send all Comments and Complaints to: This story is fictional, and nobody forced you to read it. If
offended, please exit the site.

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